On the Road to Better Health

It is not always easy for a family this size, or any family for that matter, to stay healthy. That is why we LOVE our Juice Plus. It is the insurance policy on the days we don't get in our 9 to 13 servings of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. I love knowing that we are getting the nutrition from over 30 fresh fruits, veggies, and berries before we even walk out the door.  It is easy, convenient and super affordable.  I can't even imagine what our lives would look like without it. 

Here is our health story.

Our journey into nutrition began when I decided to become vegetarian over 10 years ago because of infertility issues. Even after that dramatic lifestyle change, it still took me a while before I began to realize how much I did NOT know about health or nutrition. Then as a mother of 7 adopted special needs children, I quickly learned that the quality of my children’s lives depended on what they were eating on a day to day basis. But where to start?  I remember feeling so OVERWHELMED with what to eat – what not to eat – finding the time and the energy – trying to learn what was healthy what wasn’t healthy. . . . Have you ever felt like this? 

After I got over my initial "which way do I turn/who should I believe/I don't know where to start" attitude,  I began with #OneSimpleChange, then  I fell in love with Dr. William Sears (America's number 1 Pediatrician), and I became a certified L.E.A.N. Health Coach.  Along the way, I also became a Juice Plus+ distributor.  Then, in May of this year, I heard about this thing called the 10 Day Shred.  I was so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  I want to be racing my kids down the trails and jumping rope without feeling like I was going to die. I want my kids to be able to perform at their peak.  I want to give them the best possible life. I am sure you can relate.  Here are some of the health challenges we have faced and  how good nutrition and whole food nutrition is putting us on the road to better health.

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To stay healthy we eat Juice Plus

And eat from our Tower Garden.

I am also a L.E.A.N Certified Health Coach.

Christine Trochesset